MOREIRA MENEZES, MARTINS ADVOGADOS is a law firm composed of professionals with a solid academic background and enterprising vision, specialized in providing creative and efficient legal solutions.

Founded based on the concept of a boutique firm, it offers outstanding personalized service to clients in the area of corporate law.

The Firm invests in the professional and academic growth of its members to enable them to develop the skills to become future partners.

We are established in a remodeled house at Rua Joana Angélica, 228, in the Ipanema district of Rio de Janeiro, offering a sophisticated environment and easy access, to increase the convenience and save time of clients.

The Firm serves clients with business interests throughout Brazil as well as abroad, but considers the Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo axis to be a single area, so that services in either of these two cities will not involve any travel costs to the client.